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Human Resources Management System

Creating a human resources system using Java-SpringBoot that can be used by employers, job seekers and system personnel.

Transactions Made;

  • Database Diagram was created and data was added into it UpdatedDiagram
  • Entity, DataAccess, Core and Business layers were created. Abstract and concrete classes were added to these layers
  • The necessary services for listing job titles have been written
  • Swagger-UI integration has been added to the project. (23.05.2021)

Req 7: Employers should be able to add job postings to the system

  • General job position can be selected from the dropdown list. (For example, Java Developer) (Required)
  • Job description entry should be possible. (For example; For our company, he is proficient in languages ​​such as JAVA, C #, etc....)(Required)
  • City information should be able to be selected from the drop-down list. (Compulsory)
  • It should be possible to enter min-max for the salary scale. (Optional)
  • The number of open positions must be entered. (Compulsory)
  • The application deadline must be entered.

Req 8: All active job postings in the system should be listed

Req 9 : All active job postings in the system should be listed by date

All active job postings of a company should be listed in the system

Employers should be able to close a posting in the system. (Passive posting)


Operations This Week

  • Candidates can add school information
  • They can enter into the system what years they have studied in schools.
  • Schools attended by candidates can be sorted in reverse order according to graduation year. If not graduated, this school can be displayed at the top and as "in progress".
  • Candidates can enter their work experience.
  • Candidates can enter the foreign languages ​​they know into the system. ( Language, Level -> 1-5)
  • Candidates can add photos to the system.
  • Candidate's photo will be kept on https://cloudinary.com/pricing system
  • Candidates can add their github and linkedin addresses to the system.
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