A JavaFX UI framework to create fully customized undecorated windows


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A JavaFX undecorated stage which can fully be customized

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An Implementation See the code in wiki at "A complete implementation"

CustomStage Implementation

Additional Tools provided (After v1.3.0)

Checkout the CustomStage Wiki for more examples and documentation.

Using CustomStage ?

  • Fork the repository and update with this readme's Projects using CustomStage section in the following format adding your project details and do a Pull Request!

Project_Name : Brief_Description

Projects using CustomStage

  • RentLio : This is a vehicle reservation system. Which is made with JavaFX and also using hibernate and RMI.


This CustomStage is a JavaFX undecorated Stage. To put it simple, CustomStage is a Window and you can add different views (FXML files) to the window (like changing the scene of the window) as you prefer. The basic problem making the Stage "Undecorated" is that you will not be able to,

  1. Resize the window using mouse.
  2. Lose the default action buttons.
  3. Move the window (by dragging) (etc.)

So, CustomStage will get rid of all of these issues since it includes,

  1. Window resizing (the ResizeHelper class is used here with minor modifications) -> ResizeHelper class
  2. Default action buttons and their behaviour (close, maximize/restore, minimize)
  3. Window dragging

What else?

  • Window is automatically scaled as for screen resolution
  • Very responsive
  • Apart from those, this is called CustomStage since it can be customized as you wish


  • Easy. You can get your customized Stage using the CustomStageBuilder class. This class includes all the methods you will need to customize your window.

How to use?

Starting from version 1.3.1 CustomStage releases are/will be available through JCenter and MavenCentral




  dependencies {
    compile 'lk.vivoxalabs.customstage:CustomStage:1.3.2'

Download via Jitpack (Will not be possible for releases after v1.3.1)


Add jitpack as a repository

repositories {
    maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Add dependancy

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.Oshan96:CustomStage:v1.3.1'


Add jitpack as a repository


Add dependancy


Or download and add as a dependancy to your project

How to use a CustomStage?


Transparent CustomStage

CustomStage with custom icons


CustomStage API Documentation can be found here : CustomStage Documentation

Any issue detected?


Feel free to post issues in "Issues" for further improvements

  • how to use scene

    how to use scene

    Hi @Oshan96 ,

    If I don't want to use fxml when setting up a scene, how do I proceed with adding the scene to the CustomStage ?

    Say I want to define a stack pane to sit inside the stage.

            Scene scene = new Scene(new StackPane(), 800, 600);

    As soon as I do stage.setScene(scene), the title bar will be covered and I won't be able to drag the window/stage or use the buttons.

    So how should I add a stack pane or an anchor pane to a custom stage ?

    opened by mokun 6
  • high cpu util

    high cpu util

    After I switch from Stage to CustomStage, I experience a 20% up in CPU utilization when I drag my window across the screen.

    Also, the way it moves is not smooth.

    When the CustomStage is not moving, the CPU resources stays normal.

    What could possibly be causing it ?

    opened by mokun 2
  • Image as title, adding more buttons to the titlebar

    Image as title, adding more buttons to the titlebar

    Would it be possible to add a constructor that allows for an image as a title (Useful for company logos etc.). Additionally, is there a way to similarly add more buttons to the title bar.

    opened by desaianand1 1
  • Fixed minimum dimensions

    Fixed minimum dimensions

    If we create a stage which is smaller than 259x700 it gets resized to 259x700 the first time a user tries to change the window size manually (by dragging the edges of the window).

    We suspect the error to be in lk.vivoxalabs.customstage.tools.ResizeHelper:17. Is there a specific reason for fixing the minimum dimensions to 259x700?

    opened by SimonMeili 1
  • Typo in wiki section

    Typo in wiki section "What is CustomStage?"

    FYI, in the "What is CustomStage?" section of the wiki, there is a typo.

    I believe the word "costedin" is a typo. Not sure what words you would want instead. Maybe "time and cost developing"?

    Thank you for sharing your hard work/code with the JavaFX community, its appreciated!

    opened by aromanelli 1
  • Feature Request: Shadow

    Feature Request: Shadow

    Thanks for sharing your great work! It would be nice to have the possibility to let the stage drop a shadow to let it look more distinct from its background.

    opened by BrightyMcBrightface 1
  • Custom

    Custom "Stage Close" behavior

    Greetings, Fantastic job on the customStage project. Was definitely needed in the javaFX world.

    One thing you might want to implement is to allow the user to set a custom behavior when closing the Stage. If I have multiple windows, and I just want to close one, there is no access to define this behavior, as you simply use the Stage System.exit(0), and thus closes the entire application down. Perhaps having an option close/hide might be better for some cases.

    Unless I'm missing something... Thanks and cheers

    opened by clisztian 0
  • disable maximize/resize

    disable maximize/resize

    Hi, amazing tool to work with, thank you a lot. I was wondering if it there was a way to disable resizing/maximizing of the stage. I tried to use setResizeable() but I suppose you are overriding this function since you rewrote the whole resizing process yourself.

    I also tried to listen for attempts to maximize then set maximize to false but your codes set it back to true.

    Custom Stage itself is a private class so I cannot extend/override it.

    Any idea ?

    opened by LaureLazard 1
  • unable to load the jar as module to run,compiled with the same setting.

    unable to load the jar as module to run,compiled with the same setting.

    Unable to derive module descriptor for E:\Coding\JavaRuntimeAsset\CustomStage\CustomStage-v1.3.1.jar

    set CustomStage="%cd%\JavaRuntimeAsset\CustomStage\CustomStage-v1.3.1.jar"

    compile:javac -verbose --module-path ......;%CustomStage% --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH ........

    run it:java ....... --module-path .......;%CustomStage% --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH .......

    opened by LJWxyz 5
  • title truncated

    title truncated

    The string text of the title got truncated somehow at the end of the 22nd character

    The width of the custom stage is 1280. More than enough space.

    I wonder why ?

    opened by mokun 1
Oshan Mendis
Undergraduate in Information Systems. Open Source contributor and developer. Author of @customstage JavaFX UI framework
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